What is the Average Value of a Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

The average value of a child sexual abuse lawsuit is usually over $1,000,000. Child sexual abuse comprises many types, some of which you are aware of and some may not. They include sexual assault, rape, incest, and the commercial sexual exploitation of children. Some acts involve abusive sexual contact, penetration, touching with no penetration, exposing a child to sexual activity and pornographic material, and taking nude photographs of children. Child trafficking and prostitution are also common. Sometimes it happens through foster care, sex abuse in sports, and even clergy sexual abuse. All sexual acts between an adult and underage children are classified as child sexual assault.

Sexual assault leads to emotional and physical damage to children leading to trauma imposed on them their whole lives. The value of a California childhood sexual abuse lawsuit is up to a $100 million settlement against the individual or organization.

How Much Can I Get if I Was Raped as a Child?

If you were raped as a child, you could get a lot of money. How much money you can receive for a California child rape case depends on the number of damages for child sexual abuse.

Laws in California make it a crime to engage or attempt to engage in sexual acts with a child under 18 years. The legal age is eighteen years, and any person under that age is considered a minor. The nature of the sexual assault determines if there will be misdemeanor charges to felony charges with life in prison. The following sections of the constitution show the various ways of child sexual assault and its repercussions. It is to guide you to identify the multiple ways you might have been molested as a child and how to go about it.

Child molestation crimes in California penal code section 288, 287, 288.2, 288.3, 288.4, 288.5, 288.7, 647.6 and 261.5.
Ways in Which a Child can be Sexually Assaulted

  • Penal code 288 shows that it is a crime to; touch a child’s body for sexual purposes and cause a child to touch themselves for sexual pleasure.
  • Penal code 287 makes it a crime for an adult to engage a child/minor in oral sex. Oral sex is any mouth action be it kissing or bringing the child’s mouth in contact with the adult’s sexual organs or vice versa.
  • Penal code 288.2 states that sending a minor explicit content is a crime, mainly since it is intended to arouse the adult or the minor sexually. It is also viewed as a way of seducing the recipient, who in this case is the minor.
  • Penal code 288.3 says that it is a crime to contact a minor with the intent to ask for sexual favors or asking to see them for the same purposes. This is classified as wanting to commit a felony.
  • Penal code 288.4 shows that it is a crime for a person to arrange a meeting with a minor to ask or engage in specific sexual activities.
  • Penal code 288.5 is the California statute that states that a person engaging in the continuous sexual abuse of a child under 15 years of age is charged with a felony. Constant sexual abuse is more than two instances. Some even record a child being abused for over three months to one year.
  • Penal code 288.7 prohibits engaging in sexual acts with a child under 10. It is sad how most child molesters, especially children under the age of 10 who might be afraid to speak up, are usually in the child’s environment. From the uncles to the daycare, teachers in school, and sometimes step siblings. A recent documentary on youtube of minor sexually abused women who are now adults narrate their stories, and in most cases, they were victims of their stepbrothers or fathers. When they speak up, the terror in their voices is quite sad, honestly. Always beware of your child’s environment. Statistics show that 90% of all child victims of sexual abuse know their abuser.
  • Penal code 647.6 states that anyone who tries to be motivated by a sexual interest of a minor under the age of eighteen is a criminal. The act itself is annoying a minor or putting them in a disturbed state of mind.
  • Penal code 261.5 shows that consent to have sex in California is 18 years. Any sexual activity with a minor is unlawful and is a crime.

Child Sex Abuse Lawsuit in California

In 2017, there were more than 43,000 reports of sexual abuse in the state. With the statistics it showed that:

  • 90% of children who have been sexually abused know their abuser
  • 1 in 7 cases of sexual abuse happen on a school day
  • 1 in 5 cases of child sexual assault victims are under the age of 9
  • 33% of children will disclose to their parent or guardian that they were sexually abused
  • 44% of all rape victims are minor children.

Child sexual abuse has a long-term effect on these children. Aside from physical harm, psychological and emotional trauma can last for years and potentially a lifetime. The national center for victims of crime shows that children who have been sexually abused may show the following signs.

  • Withdrawal from activities they enjoyed participating in or from everything. After the assault, there is a high chance of developing anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, and other mental health conditions.
  • Revert to regressive behaviors, for example, thumb-sucking, bedwetting, being scared of the night. Parents should be able to check for such signs with their toddlers.
  • A drop in their school performance or behavior-based problems
  • They are more likely to be re-victimized by another abuse later.

Child Abusers in California
Child abusers tend to be the people who are usually closest to minors. For example, there are several cases of the catholic church, Mormon church, the school, daycare workers, foster parents, neighbors, relatives, or the school counselor being involved in child abuse and molestation. Filing a child lawsuit will address both the impact on the victim and the perpetrator’s guilt. It also involves all those around at the time of the abuse. In a civil setting, the court is usually considerate of the victim’s pain and suffering to determine an appropriate level of compensation.

Justice means compensation and holding the abusers responsible for their actions. Therefore with any signs or reports of sexual abuse, the authorities are involved, and justice is implemented.

The Settlement Value of a Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit in California

Victims of sexual assault or sexual abuse can get between $15 million and $70 for childhood sexual abuse cases value. The settlement depends on who is being sued, an individual or an institution, and who is representing you. There are two types of perpetrators in civil lawsuits: the individual who committed the crime and the institutions responsible for safeguarding and protecting children, such as churches and schools. The two are co-dependent since the institution employed the molester, allowing the molestation to occur. Sue the molester, sue the institution and get a reasonable attorney.

The average payout for a child sex abuse lawsuit is $25 million to cater for all the physical, emotional, and psychological harm caused. The representation also plays a vital role since the better the attorney or lawyer, the higher the settlement. Therapy sessions, personal injuries, and other medical bills should also be catered to. Should you sue your child perpetrator? The answer is yes. Contact attorneys who specialize in child sexual abuse right away to pursue your claim further.

Civil Lawsuit Setting
In the setting of a civil lawsuit, the child is named as a party to the action, and the perpetrator is the defendant. The case’s primary purpose is to ask the court to award damages for your child for therapy, physical harm, pain, suffering, and medical bills. You can also sue the institution the molester was in and a third party. The amount of money you may receive depends on how strong your case is, and that solely depends on the evidence presented.

How Can I Protect my Child From Sexual Assault?
We have seen that sexual abuse can happen to any child, anywhere, by anyone, even those you trust the most. There is no specific formula or measure you can take to protect your child from sexual abuse, but there are precautions you can take to help protect the children in your life.

  • Be involved with your child to take note of any warning signs. A simple question like asking your child what they did during their day at school may lead them to tell you things that may be signs of abuse.
  • Ensure you choose caregivers carefully, from the babysitters, a new school, or a religious institution activity. You should carefully scrutinize and look into their backgrounds.
  • Check out warning signs. Withdrawal from the activities they love the most or refusing to go to church, be sure to step in.
  • Get to know the people in your child’s life. We have noticed a pattern of those close to you being the ones to molest your child. Please get to know who you leave your child with and ask your child what they think of that person and take their opinions seriously. Also, ask your child who they attend school with and the people they encounter during the day, such as school coaches.
  • Always encourage your child to speak up and take them seriously. It will give them the courage to speak up and communicate their boundaries with other people.

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