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Sue Lyft for Lyft Driver Sexual Assault

Lyft is an American company that offers rides, vehicles for hire, rental cars, and food delivery. There has been a rise in cases that involve sexual assault and harassment by drivers over the years. The following are questions and answers about handling a case of sexual assault by Lyft drivers.

Can I Sue Lyft if a Lyft Driver Sexually Assaulted me?

Yes, you can sue Lyft if the Lyft driver sexually assaulted you. Lyft must keep its passengers safe, and in case of an assault, you should make a legal claim. You can file a lawsuit against the Lyft driver directly or Lyft as a company. They have to ensure that they recruit only qualified drivers. Upon suing, there will be compensation for medical bills and legal action against the company and the driver.

So, you must sue the Lyft driver for sexual assault in order to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

Is Lyft Liable for Sexual Harassment?

Yes, Lyft is liable for sexual harassment and sexual assault. Lyft is no stranger to sexual abuse claims in the states and faces several charges following sexual assault cases. Usually, the individual Lyft driver will be liable for the sexual harassment claims and punishment since the driver had the role of ensuring you are safe. The company itself is responsible for the safety and effectiveness of its procedures.

An article by the guardian magazine wrote that Lyft admitted to having recorded 4,000 sexual assault claims in October 2021. All these claims are about drivers’ non-consensual touching of sexual body parts. Let’s understand consent; if anyone touches you without your permission, that equals sexual assault. Immediately that happens, go ahead and sue.

The Lyft company should have run background checks for their drivers and monitored their criminal and driving records. So between you and the Lyft driver, the Lyft company is responsible for any occurrences hence very liable.

What Measures are Needed to Ensure Your Safety?
As a passenger of Lyft, you already have rights; for example, you are entitled to a safe ride. Your driver should follow speed limits and obey traffic rules during your whole ride.

They must respect their personal spaces, and the Lyft policy forbids drivers from touching or flirting with passengers, and sexual conduct is strictly not allowed.

So, there are rights accorded to the passenger, and once they are broken, you have the right to report them.

After reporting, take note that there are procedures to be taken, and you have the right to contact your lawyers. Lyft sexual assault lawyers are provided to handle cases of sexual assault. You have the right to contact one immediately.

Lyft sexual assault attorneys in Los Angeles specialize in Lyft driver sexual assault cases. When an assault happens, you should call the police immediately. Once the investigation is done, the sexual assault charges are pressed and submitted to the attorney.

Some lawyers specifically deal with cases of sexual assault. You do not have to fight on your own. There is a legal team with expertise on matters of assault. So, they can help demand justice, claim compensation and pay the medical bills involved.

Always ensure to exercise your rights.

What to do if You Have Been Sexually Assaulted?

  • Reach a safe location away from the threat and immediately seek medical help. Immediately after ensuring safety, call 9-1-1 and report.
  • Try and remember the time, details of the Lyft, and personal information of the driver. Ensure you have the details about the Lyft ride from your app.
  • Contact sexual abuse attorneys, give them all the information you have so that they can build evidence for the case.
  • Seek therapy or counseling to help you get through the traumatizing experience.

Should I File a Police Report Against a Lyft Driver for Sexual Harassment?
You have all the rights and reasons to file a police report in such a case. You should file a police report for a Lyft driver sexually harassing you. You can also reach the national assault lines. On your Lyft app, go ahead and report the driver.

The police will ask you questions about your location, your ride if you have any personal information about the driver, and they will proceed to take measures. Do not hesitate to give out all the information. This helps in building strong evidence of the case.

Can I Press Charges?
Yes, you can press charges. Lyft sexual harassment lawyers press charges against Lyft for sexual harassment. Lawyers proceed to sue Lyft company if a Lyft driver sexually assaults a passenger. Our attorneys at Goodwin-Moreno Law Firm specialize in Lyft sexual assault claims, so call us today for assistance.

What are the Types of Lyft Sexual Assault Incidents?

  • If the Lyft driver shows you pornographic videos and pictures
  • If the Lyft driver shows you his penis
  • If the Lyft driver was masturbating in the car while he was driving
  • If the Lyft driver was talking dirty to you.
  • Sexual attacks by the Lyft driver which leads to rape
  • If the Lyft driver asks you for nude photos

Los Angeles Lyft Sexual Abuse Attorneys

Using Lyft as a means of transport to take you around Los Angeles has become common, but rising cases of women being sexually assaulted, kidnapped, raped, and even killed come with it. Everyday physical and emotional harm is done to these women, leaving them with a lot of trauma.

Here are examples of Lyft driver rape lawsuits; Lyft was sued for $10 million by a woman who her driver in Los Angeles sexually assaulted. There are more crimes ranging from forcible touching to rape. Report the assault cases and rape stories for further investigation and justice.

We have lawyers at Goodwin-Moreno Law Firm who specialize in sexual assault and harassment. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want such assistance.

Facts and FAQs About Sexual Assault
The public awareness campaign gave the results of sexual assault statistics, and it was surprisingly high. Over 3000 passengers have reported cases of sexual assault by drivers, and 955 reported alleged assaults. It comes down to more serious cases of sixteen alleged passengers kidnappings by Lyft drivers, and fifty people have died in connection with the rape and sexual assault.

It is important to note that these statistics consist of only the reported incidents and the numbers are higher. Please report if you go through an assault to ensure that these drivers are denied licenses and driving opportunities.

Are There any Safety Measures you can take?
The answer is yes. The Lyft app has made changes whereby passengers can send text messages to local law enforcement. There are texting details of the trip, the license plate, make and model of the uber. You can also report if you are uncomfortable with the driver. There have been speculations about a panic button on the app in case of any sexual assault signs.

Here are other measures you can take:

  • Ensure you check the driver’s rating to ensure they have a good record and history. Check if the car’s make and model match the one on your app also if it is the same license plate listed.
  • Sit on the right side in the back seat and always wear your seatbelt. It will be easier to wage a fight against the driver in case of anything.
  • Tell a friend about your trip and destination and give them the details of your ride and the estimated time of your arrival. That way, they can keep track. You can also share your trip status in the app; it will keep track of everything about your trip and the driver.
  • Have 911 on standby so that it is easier to dial in case of anything. You can also remain in consistent communication with your friend or family member. Also, you can call 911 from the Lyft app, making it easier for them to track all details about the ride.
  • Use google maps to ensure the route used leads to your destination, and if it does not, do not hesitate to speak up.
  • Only message or call the driver via the app. It helps ensure that your phone number remains anonymous and the Lyft driver cannot send any strange texts or call you after the drive.
  • Don’t ride alone if you are not feeling well. Sometimes drivers take advantage since they know you can’t retaliate.

I know moving from one place to another using Lyft should be easy and smooth, but please do not take chances and take measures to ensure your safety.

Should you use Lyft at Night?
As much as the answer should be a huge NO, there are days when you would be required to request Lyft late at night, but please do so if you can avoid it. There are higher risks of being robbed, injured, assaulted, killed, or even kidnapped at night. If you have to, here are some safety measures: identify the driver by name and check for the license plates. Using the same safety measures written above but being more careful. Have the assumption that anything could happen to you and therefore be ready. Never be afraid to speak up when you feel uncomfortable or recognize a red flag.

What About Additional Passengers?
Sometimes during our rides, drivers tend to add unexpected additional riders for their gains. If you have called the ride for yourself, please do not hesitate to speak up. There was a case in 2019 that involved a passenger assaulting another passenger. Charges against Lyft company were made, but it was hard to build a case against the company because the driver had stated that the passengers were together and yet they were not. So speak up if another passenger is added to the ride before it leads to other issues.

How Safe is your Lyft Ride?
The statistics of sexual assault happening within the Lyft rides are troubling. How safe is your Lyft ride? This app should undergo extensive scrutiny for how they evaluate and screens drivers, handle complaints, and remove sex offenders from their platforms. With the rising cases of sexual assault, it is assumed that the scrutiny or measures they take are not that serious. Maybe they do not care that much for the safety of the passengers, especially women.

There are representations of these assault cases. For example, Lyft has categories like non-consensual kissing of a passenger and non-consensual touching of body parts, but it does not happen like that. As mentioned earlier, there are cases like masturbation or talking dirty to the passenger, which should also be included in the Lyft categories of sexual assault. They should be punishable by law.

Free Consultation
Assault cases are frequently mishandled, where Goodwin-Moreno Law Firm comes in. Drivers have continued to work for Lyft even after such claims because the company didn’t care. In 2019 a case was filed on behalf of 14 women who said they were sexually assaulted by their drivers 2018—five claim that they were raped, including one woman who is blind.

Out of the 14 women, only one confirmed that the uber company only banned one driver from the company. Assuming they were different drivers, the other drivers kept their jobs even after the claims and reporting of the matter to the police. It means that thirteen drivers are known to assault women sexually but still keep their jobs.

Every day, there are new cases of sexual assault, but it is evident that it is the same culprits again and again since no legal action has been taken against them. Reporting a case about a Lyft driver is not enough; you should ensure that you have contacted lawyers and followed the case up to the end.

We at Goodwin-Moreno Law Firm will work with you to break the cycle of sexual assault and guarantee that individuals who have been assaulted receive justice.